Instructional Delivery and Curriculum

Rockets Online Campus has developed an innovative learning model with modern families in mind. We believe that education choice and flexibility are the future—and the future starts now.

ROC Curriculum Bridge. K4-K5, Language Arts, Math, and encore classes embedded. 1-2. Language Arts, Math, Reading, and encore classes embedded. 3-5. Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and encore classes embedded. 6-8, Math Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and encore classes are independent. 9-12, English, Social Studies, Math options, Science options, and electives. Electives, choice of 19 electives with more being added each year. Special education and Gifted Education.


Rockets Online Campus developed a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs and interests of students in K4 through grade 12. Created and supported by local, highly qualified, and certified teachers, we follow a consistent, user-friendly structure.

With the ROC synchronous/asynchronous learning model, students enjoy a high level of engagement with their instructor and peers in combination with independent learning.

Our students also have access to supplemental, web-based resources thoughtfully chosen to enrich learning. Each weekly lesson module includes a lesson presentation, independent practice, assessments, and assignments. All ROC courses meet Pennsylvania state academic standards.

Learning Management Systems

K4 through second-grade students use the SeeSaw platform to access instruction and materials.

Third through 12th-grade students access instruction and materials through Canvas.

You can learn more about these learning management systems on our Help Center page.

Elementary: Grades K4–5

During elementary school, young learners begin to build a solid educational foundation as they develop essential critical thinking, problem-solving, and time-management skills that will set them up for future success.

We are Partners

Throughout these formative years, the Rockets Online Campus faculty and staff is your partner in education. To help children succeed in the online and home learning environment, help guide families, and provide individual student coaching.

See Your Progress

Through our proven combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, elementary students quickly see educational gains.

Our daily morning meetings and Check In and Chat sessions include real-time lesson introductions, redirection, and enrichment opportunities. Students may also schedule tutoring and virtual remediation sessions to supplement learning and receive additional support when needed.

Middle School: Grades 6–8

Middle school students build upon their educational foundation as they continue to hone essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills. During these years, students begin to take ownership of their education as they actively and independently manage their learning time.

It’s Fun—Not Boring

Under the supervision of our teachers, ROC middle school students engage and participate in classes through the use of discussion boards, podcasts, videos, webcams, and a variety of educational forums.

Get the Help You Need

ROC faculty members lead classes and guide students through independent asynchronous work. In addition, ROC middle-level core teachers manage the secondary Helpline, which provides a specific time allotment for students to complete their work and receive assistance as needed.

We also provide additional support based on individual student needs.

High School: Grades 9–12

During high school, ROC students embark on the final leg of their journey before beginning careers, post-secondary education, or limitless other opportunities.

So Much to Learn

Students continue learning time-management and problem-solving techniques and take personal responsibility for their academic outcomes. Through responsible and proper use of information and communication technology, students gain global awareness.

Pathway to Graduation

ROC high school students must enroll in a minimum of six credits to maintain their path to graduation. We offer an asynchronous learning approach for course work and provide synchronous learning opportunities through the secondary Helpline. We encourage students to do their school work while the helpline is open.

During this time, English, math, science, and social studies teachers are available to answer questions and provide reteach and remediation support in a live format. We also provide additional support based on individual student needs.

Blended Learning Opportunities

OC students have the option to participate in blended learning, which allows them to simultaneously take classes both online and at their regular school campus. For example, a student may opt to take core courses with Rockets Online Campus while also participating in their home district’s vocational technical education, music, or sports program. This approach creates an endless number of possibilities for students looking for scheduling flexibility.