ROC Parent Expectations

Role of the parents with the Rockets Online Campus students:

Parents/guardians of Rockets Online Campus students play a critical role in their child’s education as their in-home coach. Parents/guardians must partner with the Rockets Online Campus’ student(s) and make a strong commitment to the online learning environment as this shows them that their education is a top priority.

Parents/guardians are expected to help in the following ways:

  • Make certain that all classes are accessed and worked on every school day.
  • Ensure the completion of the homeroom Attendance Course daily.
  • Monitor completion of assignments and projects. Answer questions and provide support.
  • Encourage the use of the Support Line when help is needed.
  • Support daily attendance in the synchronous learning (Check in and Chat meetings, Support Line meetings)
  • Assist the students in managing their student’s daily and weekly academic schedule.
  • Monitor progress and pacing.
  • Communicate frequently with the Rockets Online Campus faculty and staff with any concerns or questions.
  • Serve as a support system.

It is strongly encouraged that each student at Rockets Online Campus has an adult monitor at home to ensure that the student is attending school and working on assignments.

What are the primary responsibilities of the Rockets Online Campus parents?

The in-home adult is the essential link between the teacher and the student. The in-home adult agrees to the following responsibilities. ROC staff and teachers will make every effort to support the in-home adult and answer any questions.

Parent/guardian should:

  • Attend both parts of the mandatory student orientation. The first part is with one of the Rockets Online Campus Team and the second is an Orientation Course that the student will do independently and then display proficiency in their ability to be successful online.
  • Arrange for the internet, high speed when possible, to be connected before enrollment and ensure sufficient amount of time on the internet to complete a day of schoolwork.
  • Supervise student when using Rockets Online Campus equipment.
  • Review student daily activities (ex: Parent Portal in ROC PowerSchool).
  • The parent/guardian must agree to have their student participate in all required activities, including but not limited to assessments (district assessment; state mandated PSSA/Keystone testing and WIDA/Access for EL students).
  • Parent/guardians agree to communicate with the student’s teachers regularly as needed and respond to email requests for information from the teacher within 48 hours.
  • Parent/guardians are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with the teachers. Please schedule in advance by phone or email.
  • Parents/guardians agree not to log into the student’s account without the student present.
  • Parents/guardians agree not to do any of the student’s schoolwork.
  • Parents/guardians agree that in the event of non-compliance with the attendance policy, the parent/guardian and student will be required to attend a mandatory attendance improvement plan meeting.